Antiques & Reproductions

Primitive antiques of the Early American and Colonial time period of mid 1650’s to the early 1900’s. Imagine finding an old 18th century dresser that made its way to an antique shop. To some it’s nothing, but to us its a piece of history, perfect and priceless, one of a kind. At The Olde Steeple that is what we specialize in, original and reproduction pieces of working days gone by.


Fireside Coffee & Tea

Fireside Coffee and Chai Tea No time to run to your local cafe’? Now there’s no need to! Fireside’s high-quality coffee and chi tea blends are a delicious treat whenever you need it. Simply add water (hot or cold) mix well and enjoy. With a variety of flavors in regular or decaf you can have a cafe’ style break anytime you need one. Sampled daily.



Our linen collections’ fresh color palette and vintage feel will bring country living to you. The Old Steeple has something to make any house a home. Wide selection available in store as well as many styles available for order. Braided rugs offered in standard and custom sizes.



1803 Candles draws inspiration from the beauty of nature, family traditions, and the long ago days of simpler times in apothecary style. 1803 Candles blend fragrance and essential oil to bring you the most fragrant scents of flowers, herbs, culinary spice and the land around us. Stop in today to browse (and smell) all of the delicious scents that we carry.


Homemade James & Dips

She’s So Sweet jams are made on a stove-top just as Grandma did. Each batch is hand stirred and measured. Only the best local fruits are picked to give you the freshest possible taste. She’s So Sweet prides herself in an array of flavors to suite the fussiest taste buds. Sampled daily. Dips by Milly offer a unique blend of herbs and spices that make it the perfect party food.


Soaps & Lotions

The Olde Steeple proudly features handcrafted soap, goat milk and shea butter products locally made by Pampered by Nature. Experience the benefits of nature’s goodness!