What could be more charming than a hundred year-old church to showcase a mix of primitive antiques, reproductions and handcrafted items? That’s what Diane Kling, owner of The Olde Steeple, considered several years ago as she drove past an abandoned, fire-damaged church in Elma, New York. After an extensive two year restoration and with the help of family, friends and professionals, the church has emerged even more glorious than when it was built in 1880. Today, large chandliers grace the main room with original pine flooring and wainscoting addding to the warmth and charm. The reconstructed choir loft has become a beautiful focal point for displaying the primitive wares.

The Olde Steeple is a blend of wares for your farmhouse kitchen and garden, coupled with primitive style textiles, florals, wall art and lighting all displayed on vintage furnishings. Products and handiwork of local craftsmen are proudly featured.


The Barn

The circa 1840’s barn that was originally located on Schultz Road in Elma until it was donated to The Olde Steeple in 2010. The barn was dismantled in the later summer of 2010. Reconstruction on the barn on the property of The Olde Steeple began in the spring of 2011. Throughout the summer and fall of that year, each aged beam and knotted pine plank were carefully placed to bring the barn back to life.